You can take walks around the area, go horseback riding (by arrangement), play golf, experience wine tastings in our winery, taste eggs from our hens or sweeten tea with honey from our local bees. Simply experience Geltschberg.

Tailor-made experiences just for you

Plan your stay with us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate you and prepare experiences for you that you will remember with love. Just write to us! 

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Tailor-made experiences just for you

Suggestions for walks and excursions

  1. An easy walk to Jelče takes 30 minutes, is 2 km long and leads through beautiful pastures.
  2. If you have any strength left, you can extend the walk to the ruins of the Lityš Castle. The journey there takes a little over an hour. 
  3. The hike to the top of the Saddle Mountain (726 m) takes about 2 hours. From the majestic peak, you will have a beautiful view into the distance. 
  4. A trip to the beauties of the town of Úštěk, the magical Lake Chmelař with a sandy beach, the mysterious Helfenburg Castle, and a visit to the Sacred Mountain near the village of Ostré. 
  5. Zubrnice Open-Air Museum through the market town of Levín, famous for its pottery.
  6. Ploskovice fairy tale chateau.
  7. The royal town of Litoměřice. 

Those who love cycling will find a real paradise here...
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and tips. 

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