Horní Chobolice

You can combine wine tasting and a visit to our winery in Horní Chobolice with a stay in the countryside: we are also offering accommodation in a picturesque little cottage. The house provides accomodation for 8 persons in 2 bedrooms.

So why look forward to accommodation here? Your sleep here will be as deep as the forest and you will wake in the morning revitalised and strong, with the desire to experience all the wonders you now have within reach.

Whether you are a fan of sleeping under the stars, in a tent or are travelling around the world with a caravan, we have prepared a cosy spot just for you.

Horní Chobolice

Where to go in Horní Chobolice

The Sedlo hill is closest to the cottage, and rightly considered a temple of nature. You can reach it in only 15 minutes by foot, and then the climb to its peak at 726 m above sea level should take you a reasonable hour.

On the way up you will see the dark grey trachybasalt rock that forms the local crags and is practically unique in our region. Using a little imagination they can appear like little rock towns, similarly unique to our volcanic rocks.

If you are lucky and climb to the top of Sedlo in June or July, prepare to be enchanted by the Alpine aster, with its bluish-purple flowers and yellow centre. This, too, only appears here in our region.

Sedlo is the fourth-highest mountain in the Central Bohemian Uplands and the whole of its peak, covering an area of 42.2 ha, is protected as the Sedlo national nature reserve in the Central Bohemian Uplands Protected Landscape Area. The reason for this protection is the remnants of the original deciduous forests with their rare flora. The view is priceless, that we can guarantee.

We are also working to further embellish Horní Chobolice, and so in time you will also be able to view our pheasantry and the water cascades with their romantic gazebo.

Customised experiences just for you

As is hopefully clear from what you have just read, our goal is to see, experience, try out, taste and get some great sleep in all the mentioned places. You need not be confined to a single location – you can travel.

Are you more interested in wine or would you rather spend Friday in the city and relax in nature at the weekend, recharge and enjoy the surrounding views? Soon you will be able to order a customised stay from us, but for now just follow us so you don’t miss anything.

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